The Disappointed DJ

Entertainment has always been part of me, from the age of 10 when I discovered disc jockey which we called
“spinning” in my community – Effia-Kuma, Takoradi.

And I remember perfectly well how I approached one well known DJ at the time and asked numerous questions. This was in the year 1997, (I guess you know my age and the year I was born  – if your math isnt that weak as that of crooner for ‘one corner’).

I asked questions from ranging from how cassette are produced, how the music player which was a cassette deck could play the tape and other annoying questions. My mentor had the time to answer my curiosity.

It was a festive occasion; the Easter Monday Beach Party at Last Hour Beach located at the sores Takoradi and the sound system playing was one in my vicinity. A day before that one one I will never forget. I will save that for another post.

As far as I could remember that was my very first and closest encounter with music. From that day through the night, the love for music develop. Well I don’t really recall where my interest was before that faithful day.

A day after the night I called upon the spinner and asked to be part of his team, I want to be a spinner (DJ as we call it now), he gladly accepted my proposal, directed me to the boss of the sound system, owner of Punch Sounds, Bra Kwesi, who didn’t hesitate and accepted me as well since he was a family friend.

From that very day to somewhere in 2004, I was with Punch Sounds. I rose through the ranks, from just an errands boy, cassette boy, Gospel DJ, Adadamu (old songs) DJ, and the most interesting part was severing as a Hiplife or main DJ as spot, I must confess I never got fully.

At Punch Sounds we had one top DJ who goes by the name DJ Tekyerema, Tekyerema (as in tongue) was a senior DJ, and everyone was below his ranks. His job was basically to rock the dancefloor. Prior to me setting the pace.

The sad moments was when I had to prepare the crowd for him. As a P.A system Punch Sounds mainly played at events; parties, weddings and funerals. I was the party starter, I sometimes play the Gospel and other ‘not-so-popular’ songs for some hours.

CDs where very rare does days, and computers were very had to come by, I played cassette as I stated, mixing, looping, scratching were impossible with cassette so all we do it play one song after the other.

I personally enjoyed watching myself entertaining people. I love to see people dancing to the music I played.
Life thought me one of its big lesson before I could be successful as a DJ.

I wanted to be on top some day and from the look of things that wasn’t going to happen anything soon. There was no indication Tekyerema leaving Punch Sounds. He was like a government worker, work till retirement.

I left Punch Sounds for another sound system (I cant recall the name) which was in need of a DJ, as their top DJ had left. They accepted me by unfortatunely my fame was short lived. Their senior DJ who had resigned came back and I was relegated to the lower ranks.

It is just like a footballer who leaves his team for another team only sit on the bench.
After sometime, my education was getting affect with my passion. I missed school days mostly on Friday’s and Monday’s as I always had events to attend.

I had to take the bold decision to take a break from it all. But it wasn’t a good bye to music. I ended as a spinner, and had another dream of becoming a rapper. That should be my next post. You would ask “Fiifi Adinkra, as a rapper”. Oh yeah. Ask Kofi Kinaata about me.

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