Be Inspired By DJ Khaled – From A Movie Extra To The World’s Number 1 DJ

DJ Khaled, the young well determined disc jockey against all odd in turning his dreams into a reality; making his current life the dream of others.

I do recall his appearance in the Jamaican movie ‘Shottas’ which also featured Wyclef, Spragga Benz, Ky-Mani Marley among other well-known faces in the music and movie business.

He was featured as an extra who had few minutes appearance. Am very sure no one paid attention to him in the movie or probably he had to beg to be featured?

Today, he is the world’s most celebrated DJ and has featured and worked with every top Hiphop & RnB artistes you can think of. DJs around the world are following his lead, featuring, calling on musicians to do songs on their behalf and on the funny side they all want to sound like him with their mix tapes.

Whatever you put your mind to, can be achieved. It’s just a matter of time and hardwork.
DJ Khaled served me with on of my all time favourites song – All I Do Is Win. Oh yeah. Am well inspired by that song. He featured T-pain, who worked his magic on the chorus. Ludacris gave a touching line saying “Last time on a Khaled Remix, now on the original version”. Uncle ‘Bead’ Rich Ross, came in strong sounding all boastful and glorifying his attained riches. It all ends with the surviving grandpa of Hiphop music, who took it low and smooth. Sadly I didn’t get anything he said. Beats produced and mastered by DJ Nasty.
‘All I Do’ was the second jam to be released off Khaled’s fouth official studio album – Victory. Khaled has to his credit multiple charts topping songs all featuring world class musicians. I haven’t met him personally (stop thinking it’s impossible – he’s also looking forward to meeting me, dey der), buh I do believe in possibilities and surely we will work together before the world comes to an end.


Dream chasers dont lose regardless and after countless failures comes victory. Do listen to every song of Khaled and pay attention to the lyrics, I know there would be some trash talk in there; no worries those are not meant for you. Stay motivated through positivism and avoid the bad ones, associate with the “Am The Best” brand and you will surely attain your dreams.

From a movie extra to world class billionaire, as he said is his fed up song “It was all a dream”, as I will be shouting that someday.
Buh hey, don’t waste your life by just motivating yourself, sometimes you need to pause the motivation and work. Like I always say “work life a bull, and chill like a fool”. “Nipa nso y3 den”.

The major key holder on the other aside is a snapchat addict which makes me wonder if it was created for him or with him being a business man he has some interest in it. He won an award for snapping. That’s very cool.
Putting your life on camera, reality show on snapchat. Interesting. I will try that when internet bundle becomes cheaper in my part of the world.
In the Teshie Rastaman’s voice, “Large Up Khaled.
‘I’m on One’, (not on a duna)

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