What A Roo

Time Check: 4:39 am. At a quiet place all by myself


….and why should I wait for Val’s day & your birthday to celebrate you. With have been together for over a decade now. Started off as Penpals; way before all these social networks popped up. Funny enough we both can’t remember which social network it was. We lied to everyone we met on campus. and we would later laugh about it when alone.

I remember how I wanted to see that cute, light-skinned –Tema C4 girl badly. My first time I Accra somewhere 2007, I wanted to see you and you had an excuse for me.


The young Rastaman didn’t lose hope. I kept the connection and lucky for me in 2008 you got admission to Takoradi Polytechnic (T-Poly).

One sunny afternoon, a strange number with a sweet voice called my number and said: “Hi, Fiifi, this is your penpal, Rhoda”. My heart was filled with so much excitement.

I was still waiting for my admission then. I gave up the hopes of being on UCC’s campus and worked on gaining admission to T-Poly, just to get closer to you.

Being at the Borga Hostel, every evening after my smoking session with Bimma, became an important schedule. I couldn’t miss that for anything.

Penpals nicely developed to Friendship. I remember telling you so many interesting stories about life in Effia-Kuma and Takoradi.

“The Mayor of Effia-Kuma,” I said. We enjoying going to the beach on weekends, (Last Hour was our favourite), and before heading back to the hostel we would stop by the SOS pub for some drinks.

Borga Hostel was an all-girls hostel, and the ladies enjoyed the company of the Rastaman. I knew being with a man on dreadlocks was never part of your plans.

We became regular Kebab customers at 2 fingers pub.

Funny enough, it took over 3 months to get a hug from you. I wasn’t in a rush. “Good things come to those who wait.”

Our friendship developed into a relationship when I kissed you without your consent for the first time. I apologized a million times and you said “Fii, stop it”

Holala, Rastaman and Church Girl Part 1. ….

2008 – 2011,

We both never enjoyed student life on campus, after our first night at the Akwaaba, we never made it to any campus event. That’s what you get from dating boring conscious Rastaman who doesn’t want to have anything doing with ‘Babylon’.

There were times we would lock ourselves at the hostel, with you crying all night. Not as a result of deep penetration. One wants to join her friends to a party.

I remember telling you, don’t worry, after marriage, we can party as much as we want.

2011 – 2012 – National Service

You lied to your family that you were going for something very important at Takoradi, only to end up at Nsuta – Beposo, just to be with Prince charming.

Your smile was all I was requesting.

I discussed my passion for blogging with you and you handed over your laptop to me.  You got me my first smartphone, which was a blackberry bold 2.

You provided money for the purchase of domain names.

I owe it all to you. An angel I called you. I told the world about your endless love, beauty and how lucky I was to have you as a girlfriend.


You told me, your family would never accept a Rastaman. Though I was disappointed, my words convinced you of having my dreadlocks cut down before we get married.

Knowing your family wouldn’t allow you to travel out of Accra, just to see a dreadlock boyfriend, I moved from Takoradi that same year, to be closer to you.

I was only seeing you on Sundays and that created a big problem for us. I wanted to have more of you; spend more time with you.


This year was no different from the former. Your undying love for me never changed.  I would never make it to the best boyfriends list for the year, but you kept the optimum love for me. It got scary at a point. “What is she after?”, “Why cant she live me?” This was when I wanted to end it all. But all attempts failed terribly.

I owe it all to you, where will I be without you?


You would call me to come to Tema, just to take me for lunch. On weekends, I would sneak into your house just to spend time with you at the rooftop; we got caught by your brother – Coolio and your mum on numerous occasions

“That Rastaman has started coming into the house”

The early part of the year was when life’s plans of getting married popped up. You suggested we have it on my birthday – December 4. “How many ladies would want their wedding on the husband’s birthday and not theirs? “Naaah,” I said.


We kept shifting dates and on the 12th day of March 2016, you wore my ring.


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