What A Roo

Time Check: 4:39 am. At a quiet place all by myself


….and why should I wait for Val’s day & your birthday to celebrate you. With have been together for over a decade now. Started off as Penpals; way before all these social networks popped up. Funny enough we both can’t remember which social network it was. We lied to everyone we met on campus. and we would later laugh about it when alone.

I remember how I wanted to see that cute, light-skinned –Tema C4 girl badly. My first time I Accra somewhere 2007, I wanted to see you and you had an excuse for me.


The young Rastaman didn’t lose hope. I kept the connection and lucky for me in 2008 you got admission to Takoradi Polytechnic (T-Poly).

One sunny afternoon, a strange number with a sweet voice called my number and said: “Hi, Fiifi, this is your penpal, Rhoda”. My heart was filled with so much excitement.

I was still waiting for my admission then. I gave up the hopes of being on UCC’s campus and worked on gaining admission to T-Poly, just to get closer to you.

Being at the Borga Hostel, every evening after my smoking session with Bimma, became an important schedule. I couldn’t miss that for anything.

Penpals nicely developed to Friendship. I remember telling you so many interesting stories about life in Effia-Kuma and Takoradi.

“The Mayor of Effia-Kuma,” I said. We enjoying going to the beach on weekends, (Last Hour was our favourite), and before heading back to the hostel we would stop by the SOS pub for some drinks.

Borga Hostel was an all-girls hostel, and the ladies enjoyed the company of the Rastaman. I knew being with a man on dreadlocks was never part of your plans.

We became regular Kebab customers at 2 fingers pub.

Funny enough, it took over 3 months to get a hug from you. I wasn’t in a rush. “Good things come to those who wait.”

Our friendship developed into a relationship when I kissed you without your consent for the first time. I apologized a million times and you said “Fii, stop it”

Holala, Rastaman and Church Girl Part 1. ….

2008 – 2011,

We both never enjoyed student life on campus, after our first night at the Akwaaba, we never made it to any campus event. That’s what you get from dating boring conscious Rastaman who doesn’t want to have anything doing with ‘Babylon’.

There were times we would lock ourselves at the hostel, with you crying all night. Not as a result of deep penetration. One wants to join her friends to a party.

I remember telling you, don’t worry, after marriage, we can party as much as we want.

2011 – 2012 – National Service

You lied to your family that you were going for something very important at Takoradi, only to end up at Nsuta – Beposo, just to be with Prince charming.

Your smile was all I was requesting.

I discussed my passion for blogging with you and you handed over your laptop to me.  You got me my first smartphone, which was a blackberry bold 2.

You provided money for the purchase of domain names.

I owe it all to you. An angel I called you. I told the world about your endless love, beauty and how lucky I was to have you as a girlfriend.


You told me, your family would never accept a Rastaman. Though I was disappointed, my words convinced you of having my dreadlocks cut down before we get married.

Knowing your family wouldn’t allow you to travel out of Accra, just to see a dreadlock boyfriend, I moved from Takoradi that same year, to be closer to you.

I was only seeing you on Sundays and that created a big problem for us. I wanted to have more of you; spend more time with you.


This year was no different from the former. Your undying love for me never changed.  I would never make it to the best boyfriends list for the year, but you kept the optimum love for me. It got scary at a point. “What is she after?”, “Why cant she live me?” This was when I wanted to end it all. But all attempts failed terribly.

I owe it all to you, where will I be without you?


You would call me to come to Tema, just to take me for lunch. On weekends, I would sneak into your house just to spend time with you at the rooftop; we got caught by your brother – Coolio and your mum on numerous occasions

“That Rastaman has started coming into the house”

The early part of the year was when life’s plans of getting married popped up. You suggested we have it on my birthday – December 4. “How many ladies would want their wedding on the husband’s birthday and not theirs? “Naaah,” I said.


We kept shifting dates and on the 12th day of March 2016, you wore my ring.


Be Inspired By DJ Khaled – From A Movie Extra To The World’s Number 1 DJ

DJ Khaled, the young well determined disc jockey against all odd in turning his dreams into a reality; making his current life the dream of others.

I do recall his appearance in the Jamaican movie ‘Shottas’ which also featured Wyclef, Spragga Benz, Ky-Mani Marley among other well-known faces in the music and movie business.

He was featured as an extra who had few minutes appearance. Am very sure no one paid attention to him in the movie or probably he had to beg to be featured?

Today, he is the world’s most celebrated DJ and has featured and worked with every top Hiphop & RnB artistes you can think of. DJs around the world are following his lead, featuring, calling on musicians to do songs on their behalf and on the funny side they all want to sound like him with their mix tapes.

Whatever you put your mind to, can be achieved. It’s just a matter of time and hardwork.
DJ Khaled served me with on of my all time favourites song – All I Do Is Win. Oh yeah. Am well inspired by that song. He featured T-pain, who worked his magic on the chorus. Ludacris gave a touching line saying “Last time on a Khaled Remix, now on the original version”. Uncle ‘Bead’ Rich Ross, came in strong sounding all boastful and glorifying his attained riches. It all ends with the surviving grandpa of Hiphop music, who took it low and smooth. Sadly I didn’t get anything he said. Beats produced and mastered by DJ Nasty.
‘All I Do’ was the second jam to be released off Khaled’s fouth official studio album – Victory. Khaled has to his credit multiple charts topping songs all featuring world class musicians. I haven’t met him personally (stop thinking it’s impossible – he’s also looking forward to meeting me, dey der), buh I do believe in possibilities and surely we will work together before the world comes to an end.


Dream chasers dont lose regardless and after countless failures comes victory. Do listen to every song of Khaled and pay attention to the lyrics, I know there would be some trash talk in there; no worries those are not meant for you. Stay motivated through positivism and avoid the bad ones, associate with the “Am The Best” brand and you will surely attain your dreams.

From a movie extra to world class billionaire, as he said is his fed up song “It was all a dream”, as I will be shouting that someday.
Buh hey, don’t waste your life by just motivating yourself, sometimes you need to pause the motivation and work. Like I always say “work life a bull, and chill like a fool”. “Nipa nso y3 den”.

The major key holder on the other aside is a snapchat addict which makes me wonder if it was created for him or with him being a business man he has some interest in it. He won an award for snapping. That’s very cool.
Putting your life on camera, reality show on snapchat. Interesting. I will try that when internet bundle becomes cheaper in my part of the world.
In the Teshie Rastaman’s voice, “Large Up Khaled.
‘I’m on One’, (not on a duna)

The Disappointed DJ

Entertainment has always been part of me, from the age of 10 when I discovered disc jockey which we called
“spinning” in my community – Effia-Kuma, Takoradi.

And I remember perfectly well how I approached one well known DJ at the time and asked numerous questions. This was in the year 1997, (I guess you know my age and the year I was born  – if your math isnt that weak as that of crooner for ‘one corner’).

I asked questions from ranging from how cassette are produced, how the music player which was a cassette deck could play the tape and other annoying questions. My mentor had the time to answer my curiosity.

It was a festive occasion; the Easter Monday Beach Party at Last Hour Beach located at the sores Takoradi and the sound system playing was one in my vicinity. A day before that one one I will never forget. I will save that for another post.

As far as I could remember that was my very first and closest encounter with music. From that day through the night, the love for music develop. Well I don’t really recall where my interest was before that faithful day.

A day after the night I called upon the spinner and asked to be part of his team, I want to be a spinner (DJ as we call it now), he gladly accepted my proposal, directed me to the boss of the sound system, owner of Punch Sounds, Bra Kwesi, who didn’t hesitate and accepted me as well since he was a family friend.

From that very day to somewhere in 2004, I was with Punch Sounds. I rose through the ranks, from just an errands boy, cassette boy, Gospel DJ, Adadamu (old songs) DJ, and the most interesting part was severing as a Hiplife or main DJ as spot, I must confess I never got fully.

At Punch Sounds we had one top DJ who goes by the name DJ Tekyerema, Tekyerema (as in tongue) was a senior DJ, and everyone was below his ranks. His job was basically to rock the dancefloor. Prior to me setting the pace.

The sad moments was when I had to prepare the crowd for him. As a P.A system Punch Sounds mainly played at events; parties, weddings and funerals. I was the party starter, I sometimes play the Gospel and other ‘not-so-popular’ songs for some hours.

CDs where very rare does days, and computers were very had to come by, I played cassette as I stated, mixing, looping, scratching were impossible with cassette so all we do it play one song after the other.

I personally enjoyed watching myself entertaining people. I love to see people dancing to the music I played.
Life thought me one of its big lesson before I could be successful as a DJ.

I wanted to be on top some day and from the look of things that wasn’t going to happen anything soon. There was no indication Tekyerema leaving Punch Sounds. He was like a government worker, work till retirement.

I left Punch Sounds for another sound system (I cant recall the name) which was in need of a DJ, as their top DJ had left. They accepted me by unfortatunely my fame was short lived. Their senior DJ who had resigned came back and I was relegated to the lower ranks.

It is just like a footballer who leaves his team for another team only sit on the bench.
After sometime, my education was getting affect with my passion. I missed school days mostly on Friday’s and Monday’s as I always had events to attend.

I had to take the bold decision to take a break from it all. But it wasn’t a good bye to music. I ended as a spinner, and had another dream of becoming a rapper. That should be my next post. You would ask “Fiifi Adinkra, as a rapper”. Oh yeah. Ask Kofi Kinaata about me.

As A Google Local Map Guide


Ever wondered how various places, mostly places of public interest get on Google map, and other map services? Well, I will be taking you through how I became a Google map Local Guide.

What is Google Map?
Google map is a map service provided by one of the world’s biggest online companies Google. Over the years Google is known for providing various innovations for making life easy and one of such products is its Google map service.

We all know Google as the search engine gaints. Their apps and applications can give you a huge range of well detailed information.

Google map is now available on almost every devices you can think of including cars and Tvs. Most users are mainly from mobile and desktop computers. I use my google map service, mostly from my phone, as it helps in giving quick and short directions to places which are difficult to locate.

After giving directions, the map services has an inbuilt voice system which reads the various turns, distances and directions as one is en-route to the stated destination, it’s very useful especially during driving.

Google’s Map has a local guide programme designed to give users the opportunity to add places which are of public interest; places they(users) think should be on the map and for someone reasons are not there yet.

It also offers the opportunity to edit details of already places spots and locations.

The programme is designed to five (5) different level, at each level the user attains different package of benefit.

Am now on the third level, with 122 points as at this morning – 21st February, 2017

Growing up in the city of Takoradi, spending some years in Kumasi before making that tough decision to move to Accra, life has introduced me to different spot, joint, places which sometimes I don’t find on google’s map.

It sometimes becomes ironically disturbing not finding these places, but since I will surely visit these places once again, I add them to Google’s map.

After adding a place, Google reviews your contribution before confirming it for it to appear visible for others

I began adding places to google map on the 1st day of the year 2017 as it formed part of my new year resolution. The internet has been part of my life since its introduction to me in my school days and will continue to be.

With Google’s map service, one can pin and label various places which you will visit later in the near future reference. It such a great tool as it makes life easy for everyone.

Am very happy about it, and will encourage everyone to start using the tool; roads leading to places at your finger tip.

On your mobile device, visit your app store and search for GOOGLE (if you do not have it pre-installed), since android and google have a very google relationship its pre-installed on their devices, Google map are mostly,  click install and patiently wait for the app to be installed.

How fast or slow it takes for it to be installed all depends on the speed of your internet service and the speed of your device’s processor. You should have it installed in seconds if everything works out very well.

On your main page, where apps are placed, you should have the google map, nicely placed there. Give it a click and you are good to go.

Glance through the various menus and taps and pay attention to the contribution to tap for detailed.

The next time you find Fiifi Adinkra at the corner holding his phone, he is probably adding another place in your neighborhood.

Let make life easier with map services and stop pointing our fingers in giving direction. I don’t want to get lost again.